Flat Hair Remedy

I honestly think I found the remedy for flat hair! My hairdresser introduced me to Big Sexy Hair Volumizing & Texturizing Powder a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since. After my hair is completely dry, I add just a little at the crown of my head on my roots and then rub it in. Once you put it in it will lasts for a few days too. Whenever you feel like your hair is a little flat all you have to do is rub your scalp and it fluffs right back up again. I started buying Beyond the Zone Volumizing Powder because it is a little cheaper than Big Sexy Hair and to me it works exactly the same. I find it at Sally’s Beauty Supply (it’s about $7 and lasts for several several months). The other product I recently started using is Teeze With Eez teasing comb. I found it at Sally’s too and it sells for about $12. I just back comb the top of my hair when it’s especially flat and it gives my hair tons of volume.

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  1. Hello paulieinaz,

    Thanks for sharing your personal secret with us. I really appreciate your courage to help others. Yeah, I will definitely try this out. Thanks again for your post and good wishes to your good works.

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