Hi, I’m Paulie. I just recently started to blog as a creative outlet to share the things I love to do. I have been married for 22 years to my serious but adventurous husband, Phil, and we have two beautiful boys together. Cooper, our oldest, is calm, thoughtful and studious and Carson, the youngest, is our firecracker who is full of energy and passion. We live just outside of Phoenix. My husband and I are originally from Connecticut, but we moved to Arizona in 2002 to get away from the cold New England winters. In 2014 we moved to Sacramento, California for 3 years but we found ourselves missing the desert and the open skis of Arizona. So last year we moved back to Arizona and we are here to stay this time. We love to travel, entertain, and spend time together as a family. Phil and I really enjoy cooking together and trying new recipes. But mostly our days are full with everyday things and it always feels like the days, weeks and years are just flying by, especially when I see how fast the boys are growing up!